Good Morning Sunshine Video


Good Morning Sunshine

Playtime Parade

Songs for the Earth

“A Story and songs to celebrate life”

A soothing story on side one that takes a young girl, Tasha, through an adventure of self-discovery with Doogan the Elf. The theme of love, appreciation and self-esteem are also reflected in the beautiful songs on side two.

Songs include: The Golden Glow Within Your Heart * Doogan’s Song * The Greatest Gift * Dream Dance * Turn Around * Lovely Lady Sun * For Baby * Believe In You

“A tale of self-discovery. This is an excellent package of tales and tunes.”
The Montgomery Journal

“Boy do we enjoy the Golden Glow tape. My kindergartners really enjoyed the story.”
S. Cannon

“. . . It’s a wonderful story and the narrator has such a nice voice.”
R. Klein

“It is more than just some nice music. “Patti & Laura” are household names. The voice in the story is absolutely splendid!”
J. Curtis

Audio Tape $10

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