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Good Morning Sunshine

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The Golden Glow
Laura Baron composed these songs that show children the preciousness of Mother Earth and all of her gifts. The styles of music include Worldbeat, Folk, Rhythm ‘n Blues, Pop, and classical.

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Side One: The Earth Is Our Home * Plant A Tree * Sunshine Summertime * Autumn Song * It Snowed Last Night * We’re Kids That Recycle * This Is Our World * Every Creature

Side Two: Earthworm Boogie * One More River * Little Plant Of Happiness * Four Seasons * I’m Alive * It’s Raining * Our Dear Mother Earth

Featuring: Vocal harmonies, Piano, Soprano & Alto Flutes, Clarinet, Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophones, Keyboard, Guitar, Harp, Fiddle, Cello, Clay & Wooden Flutes, Drums, Harmonica, Electric Guitar, Children Singers.

“Songs for the Earth” is a collection of original songs that celebrate the Earth’s cycles, rhythms, and living creatures. The project was recorded using a wide range of instruments including guitars, banjo, saxophones, piano, clay and wooden flutes, drums and bass - as well as enhancement from Mother Nature. Laura and Patti’s beautiful two-part harmonies are complemented on several cuts by a children’s chorus.
“Aladdin” magazine

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