Approved by Parent's ChoiceNitey Night Review
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“This well-performed and peaceful-sounding tape would be excellent for quiet times at school or at home.”
The publication of The National Association for the Education of Young Children

“A solution . . . for kids who have trouble getting to sleep at night.”
Parents’ Magazine

“Beautiful voices as well as the harp, recorder and flute provide an enchanting listening experience”
Pittsburgh Kids’ Kalender

Nitey Night CD

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Good Morning Sunshine CD

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Good Morning Review
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Buy me!“This tape can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is more than something to keep the kids busy; it is also good music."
L.A. Parent

“The innovative instrumentation and variety of music make this tape a joy for adults as well as children.”
Pittsburgh Kids Kalender

Letters from parents: “Your tapes are superb. I used your Good Morning Sunshine tape to move a 4-yr-old birthday party from wild raucous jumping to quiet sitting on the floor and drawing - it was miraculous. You’ve created a masterpiece - congratulations.”
J.Hamilton, Editor Boston Parents Paper

Time Parade

“Laura Baron and Patti Dallas have created the best collection of songs for young children. . . . This tape teaches values - cooperation, friendship and self-worth. The pure voices with their perfect diction and the extraordinary instrumentalists make this a rare musical experience.”
Pat Dell, nursery school teacher

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"I can’t tell you how much we’ve all enjoyed “Playtime Parade”. It is a wonderful mix of old favorites and some outstanding new songs. This is fantastic - congratulations!"

Time Parade 1

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Earth Song

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all ages

“ Songs for the Earth is a collection of original songs that celebrate the Earths cycles, rhythms, and living creatures. Laura and Patti’s beautiful two-part harmonies are complemented on several cuts by a children’s chorus."
Aladdin Magazine

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“ I teach gifted and talented children and I am always looking for outstanding works for the children to experience and enjoy. One very important aspect of gifted curriculum is to encourage foster and enhance creativity among the students. It was with joy and gratitude I discovered the Golden Glow recordings.”
M. Grupe


Golden Glow Review
"a story and songs to celebrate life"
2 1/2-10yrs.

“A tale of self-discovery. This is an excellent package of tales and tunes”
The Montgomery Journal

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“The story is filled with rich language and gentle feelings, so enriching for youngsters growing up . . . the accompanying music weaves pure magic throughout the story . . . This tape awakens the happiness within you!”
Becky Brunsman, kindergarten teacher

"Dear Patti & Laura, Today your wonderful Golden Glow provided one of the most enjoyable storytime periods I’ve ever had in a primary classroom."
W. Dean,teacher


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Video Review
Parents Choice Award Winning Soundtrack
newborn to 10yrs.
Video Tape $15

“One of the BEST OF THE YEAR”
Parents’ Magazine

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“A beautifully produced video presentation enhances this Parents’ Choice Award-winning soundtrack. Original melodies combine with well-known classic tunes to create a smooth, flowing, pleasing collection of songs that is sure to delight children."
***** FIVE STAR RATING ABC-Clio Video Rating Guide for Libraries

“I wanted to say how much my daughter enjoys the Good Morning Sunshine Video. She turned two in April and is a special needs child. We find the video soothing for early morning. She loves music and seems to find the video enthralling. Thanks for such a wonderful, magical video.”
J.Kirk (parent)

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